Updating Thinkpad UEFI under Linux

February 12, 2021
Updating Thinkpad UEFI under Linux

Update your UEFI Firmware under Linux can be a little challenge. This article provides information regarding the Thinkpad T450s and the recent UEFI version 1.21.

Important: I am not responsible for any hardware defects – using this information is your own risk.

What you need for this guide:

After you downloaded everything necessary make at first the geteltorito script executable.

chmod +x geteltorito.pl

Then use geteltorito to extract the content from the .iso file.

geteltorito jbuj57wd.iso > bios.iso

Then mount the new generated bios.iso file.

kpartx -av bios.iso
mount /dev/mapper/loop0p1 /mnt

Copy the necessary files from the mounted bios.iso in your UEFI partition.

cp /mnt/EFI/boot/Bootx64.efi /boot/FLASH/
cp /mnt/Flash/SHELLFLASH.EFI /boot/FLASH/
cp -r /mnt/Flash/JBET56WW/ /boot/FLASH/

After that your system is prepared to flash the actual firmware. Boot from your Arch Linux USB-Stick and choose the boot option “UEFI Shell x86_64 v2”.


Once you are in the UEFI Shell change to the appropriate EFI partition. In my case it was fs1.


Wait until the Main Menu appears and select number 2 to update the system program.


Now your machine will flash the firmware. After a reboot you will also see a progress bar.


Wait until the flash process is finished.

Congratulations, your system should be up to date.

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